Love Story Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez

A 20-year-long saga ended with a happy ending: the most beautiful couple announced their engagement. The novel by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez is a Hollywood love story that stretched over 20 years.

Those who watched the couple years ago couldn’t believe the fabulous comeback at first when Ben and Jen showed up together in Montana in May. Now everyone is stubbornly writing about how the actor “became prettier” by returning to his former lover. Yes, and the singer, admittedly, looks like the last 18 years never happened. We offer to recall the chronology of the love story “Bennifer” and figure out why this union caused delight and a touch of regret in the whole world for almost two decades.

In late 2001 and early 2002, pop star Jennifer Lopez and successful Hollywood actor Ben Affleck worked together on the set of the 2003 film Gigli. Everyone knows that usually Ben’s novels begin during filming, but this time Jennifer is married, her second husband is Texan Chris Judd.

The first rumors about the couple’s romance began to spread in April 2002, when Ben posted a message for Jennifer in the press. In it, he praised his co-star and expressed regret that he was not lucky enough to participate in all the films with Lopez.

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The first evidence of the novel “colleagues in the film” appeared on July 24, 2002, thanks to a party in honor of the singer’s 23rd birthday. In the afternoon, Affleck took the birthday girl to dinner at one of the New York establishments, but when Lopez was inside, a real surprise party was waiting for her from relatives and friends. Then she introduced her new lover to her parents, sisters, grandmother and nieces. The couple was seen gently whispering throughout the evening, hugging and kissing. And two days later, on July 26, Lopez filed for divorce from her second husband.

By the end of 2002, Ben and Jennifer got engaged. Just a few months after the singer’s official divorce, the actor proposes to her at his mother’s home in Boston. According to Jen, the whole house was strewn with rose petals, like a patchwork quilt, and filled with vases of flowers and burning candles. In addition to everything, Ben turned on her song Glad and presented his beloved with a giant pink diamond ring. Lopez reminisced about all this in an exclusive interview.

The wedding for 400 people in Santa Barbara was supposed to take place on September 14, but, contrary to reports from some tabloids, this did not happen then. The couple continued to be seen together, but, unlike the previous carefree shots, Ben and Jen looked more and more tense. In early January 2004, the engagement was broken off.

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