Madison Beer's long-awaited debut album has been released

Finally, Madison Beer fans were able to wait for the singer’s first album, which was announced long before appearance.

The singer claims that this work has become a deep personal experience for her. The songwriting process was not easy. Doctors diagnosed the singer with a borderline personality condition, which borders on a mental disorder. The singer could cry all day in the studio where the album was recorded, she was at that time deeply depressed.

According to Madison, she gave all her mental strength when writing musical compositions. This caused mental exhaustion. Work on the album gave Bir the state of catharsis, she was able to take a new look at life and make a reevaluation of values ​ ​ for herself.

That is why, according to the singer, she called  debut album «Life Support». She claims that he was able to save her life.

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Frank lyricism is permeated by many genres and many sounds in «Life Support». These are lyrical songs that have become, rather, a scream of the singer’s soul, and not another business project in order to generate high income.

And the listeners immediately felt it. Literally on the very first day after the release, the album began to gain great popularity, collecting millions of views from the singer’s fans around the world.

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