Malaysia introduced new rules for concerts

On March 9 evening, the Malaysian authorities announced new rules and restrictions related to the pandemic. So, for example, all live events will be allowed only for an audience that is half the usual capacity of the room.

This rule directly concerns the music industry. It should not be forgotten that the main source of earnings for performers were, are and will be live concerts. It is the fee from the sale of tickets that is the main one. And the rule, which automatically limits the number of spectators in the hall by twice, will hit the income of musicians.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia announced on television that concerts and other mass events of the music industry are allowed from March 10. We are talking about live concerts – music, dance, theater productions, musical comedies.

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All live events are allowed only for an audience that is half the usual capacity of the room, and ticket sales can be carried out only via the Internet. During concerts, their participants are also required to adhere to the rules of social distancing.

For spectators, the norm is set at one and a half meters from each other, and between performing artists the distance should be at least two meters.

Recall that severe restrictions related to quarantine were introduced in Malaysia a year ago. During this long period, live concerts and other mass events related to, inter alia, the music industry were prohibited.

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