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Malaysian rapper Airliftz released a new single

In the last days of February, a fresh single by a rapper from Kuala Lumpur, called «Lonely», appeared on the world’s most popular music streaming services. He immediately attracted the attention of rap fans.

When writing the single, its author was greatly influenced by the coronavirus pandemic and all kinds of prohibitions associated with it. This can be traced not only in the words of the composition, but even in its rhythm. In  single, Airliftz urges people not to be alone in the soul even with the forced restrictions caused by the pandemic, and he promises to help them in this.

Recall that the popular Malaysian benchmark is 23 years old, he lives in the capital of Malaysia, and his real name is Muhammad Alif Shaharam.

The single is largely decorated with excerpts from video videos sent to the performer by his fans. It makes him alive and saturated.

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In December 2020, the artist also received a nomination for the best music video at the TAPAUawards 2020. In total, over the previous year he released several singles, which instantly gained a high popularity rating among listeners.

In the creation of the single, the artist was significantly helped by Wong Kok Sen, who conducted mixing and mastering. Wong’s services are not used by the performer for the first time, and their cooperation has proved effective.

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