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Malaysian rapper Namewee says he will surrender to police in his homeland

Malaysian rapper Namewee is still in self-isolation upon arrival in the country. Charges of racism have been brought against him.

The rapper released the film «Babi» in Taiwan in November 2020. The film is based on real events – the school riot of 2000. The Malaysian authorities allegedly still hide this fact. The film, according to the authorities, contains phrases and insults of a racial nature against representatives of the Malay, Indian and Chinese communities.


The rapper himself landed at one of the Malaysian airports on March 15, after which his publication appeared on social networks that the police detained him at the airport, although the detention lasted only two hours. This post also contains information about the rapper’s wanted list. Namewee also reports on social networks that he is in a seven-day quarantine for those who arrived from abroad. He also claims that he agreed to surrender to the police in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, which houses the country’s Royal Police Directorate.

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The rapper explains the decision by the fact that the arrest warrant is valid for life. Therefore, it makes no sense to hide, sooner or later he will still have to face the police. By the way, for him this is the ninth criminal case, arrest warrants were issued for the previous three. Every time he managed to defend himself in court, because he did not run away from anyone, and this was an undeniable argument. If Namewee escapes this time, then this will become a clear misconduct that will not play in his favor.

By the way, the film «Babe» received a ban in Malaysia, but at the same time received several nominations at prestigious international film festivals, in particular, at the Berlin International Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival.

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