Many musicians announced Grammy boycott

The founders of the Grammy Music Award under have been harshly criticized by many world celebrities such as Weekend, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Drake and many others.

The National Academy of the Art and Science of Sound Recording is accused of corruption, racism, sexism and an opaque voting system. Canadian musician The Weekend accused the founders of the Grammy music award of corruption and said that he intends to continue to boycott it. He said: «I will not allow label to nominate my music on Grammy due to the presence of secret committees at the academy». Last November, when the names of most of the nominees for the award in 2021 became known, among whom he was not, the musician turned to Twitter with a post to the National Academy of Art and Recording Science with charges of corruption.

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It is worth noting that the founders of the award have been accused of bias against women and black artists for many years in a row, complaining about an opaque voting system that seems unfair to many. However, it was in 2021 that the most fierce controversy unfolded around how the names of musicians generally fall on the ballot papers. Under the eye was a little studied part – the activities of anonymous expert committees that consider the initial set of nominations.

British singer Zane Malik said: «If you do not exchange handshakes and send gifts, you do not shine any nominations. Next year I will send you a basket of confectionery».

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