Mariah's brother Carey sued the singer

The famous singer published memoir book entitled «The Meaning Of Mariah Carey» in September 2020.

Older brother Cary looks, in his opinion, in these memories of the singer’s childhood, to put it mildly, unprepresentable. The singer’s older brother’s name is Morgan. He sued sister, demanding refutation and moral compensation for libel.

Morgan Carey is seeking damages from the pop icon. The amount of compensation has not yet been indicated. The singer’s older brother claims that Mariah Carey’s book of memoirs falsely suggests that he was cruel not only to her, but also to other members of family. So, the singer describes the incident when her older brother had a fight with father. According to Mariah, who at that time was still a child, this fight was cruel and left an indelible trace in her soul. The singer claims that then it took the intervention of a police patrol of 12 people in order to separate the fighters. Morgan claims that the incident was fictional and reflects a distorted childish perception of real reality.

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Morgan also demands refutation and compensation for passages in the memoirs, which he claims to imply that he tried to extort money from Mariah after she became a world star. The singer’s brother also refutes the information that he was a participant in the criminal proceedings as a suspect.

The singer’s brother also filed a lawsuit in Manhattan court against co-author Michaela Davis and her publisher Macmillan.

Characteristically, her sister Alison sued the singer a month earlier, demanding refutation of memoirs and compensation of $1.25 million for moral damage and damage to her reputation.

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