Marilyn Manson decided to say goodbye to absinthe

Many people know Marilyn Manson’s addiction to absinthe, he also says that this drink greatly influenced his work. For example, in the video clip «mOBSCENE», we see absinthe acting in traditional role: as a symbol of depravity. This corresponds to the theme of the song, designed to become a kind of manifesto of «grassroots», «booty», obscene art. The scene of the clip with the participation of Dita von Teese is a realized metaphor. Sitting in a glass of absinthe with the traditional attribute of this drink, a piece of sugar, in her hands, Dita plays the role of the Green Fairy.

Manson, who is actually called Brian Hugh Warner, was born on January 5, 1969 in Ohio (USA). He was the only child of a furniture dealer and a nurse. The man who called one of the albums «Antichrist Superstar» and broke the Bibles on stage, studied at the Christian Heritage School for 10 years.

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Absinthe began to interfere with the work and began to negatively affect the health of the performer. The injury he received on stage during a concert in 2017 also added problems.

Doctors forbade Manson to drink strong spirits. And absinthe, undoubtedly, belongs to this category, because its fortress sometimes reaches 70 degrees.

So far, the star believes that he did not finally say goodbye to his favorite alcoholic drink, and in time he will restore health and will be able to meet him again face to face.

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