Marketing Strategy In Promotion Music

Today, very often the key to the success of an artist is not his talent, but the right path to achieve popularity and, of course, income directly dependent on it. But for this, the artist must be familiar with the basics and intricacies of music marketing.

A very high percentage of musicians, artists or bands do not know the secrets of the music industry and what is behind the positioning of a song. They often do not know how this is successfully achieved. On the other hand, they spend huge amounts of money and a lot of time trying to get attention and get someone to order them for a presentation.

Music Marketing is for musicians, singers, managers and anyone who wants to start a serious and solid musical career. It is also intended for musicians who want to dedicate themselves to management and those who want to develop in the music industry.

The basis of music marketing dreams is branding: positioning a musical project as a brand, both in the artist and in his group, using neuromarketing techniques in colors and visual identity.

The second main principle of music marketing is to produce a single, EPK or album so that it can reach people who are interested and adapted to the musical style and genre of the project.

The artist should pay special attention to audiovisual production. He and his team must have a clear understanding of when to make a video clip and when not, they must have an understanding of the importance of photography and graphic design to improve the project.

Marketing proves the importance of creating visibility for positioning your music project using digital marketing strategies and positioning yourself on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music, among others.

In management, it is especially important to find an investor, how to find one and the role of a promoter in promoting a musical project.

In the digital world, music is second, video games first, and movies third. Latin America is the region with the highest digital media revenue growth. It grew by 44.5%, more than four times the global average.

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These days, the profitability of the music business has increased so much that sometimes it even seems that we perceive music more as a product intended for sale than as art. Today there is practically no difference between selling an album and any other product in terms of marketing.

When we bring an art project to market, we make the brand (artist) available to the consumer, with packaging (brand image) and product (support). All this is accompanied by a communication, advertising and marketing strategy. This is how the song becomes a product of mass consumption.

Technology is changing not only how we listen to our favorite music, but also how it is sold. Today, record companies remember Darwin and his theory more than ever: adapt or die.

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