Mattayos – new stormy music video

Popular rapper Matthaios from the Philippines released new video clip «Vibe Check».

At the end of February, the rapper’s clip began to gain momentum and popularity in social networks. The director of the video was Efraim Abarka. The plot of the new clip is interesting, in which one of the main roles was played by Mattayos’ girlfriend Trisha Beilosis. By the way, she herself is a famous video blogger in the Philippines.

The clip begins during a boring home party, when the rapper shows signs of attention and begins to care for girl. But gradually the boring party turns into a stormy party, and Mattayos himself somehow receives drugs in his hands, after using which he suddenly woke up in a cold and dark hangar, which plays the role of a warehouse. All the walls of the hangar are filled with various, sometimes frightening, graffiti. At first, the main character cannot recover, trying to remember how he got into this strange room and what happened during the party.

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Rapper Mattayos is 21 years old, he has long been known to the public for a series of video clips with bright and extraordinary stories that young audiences like the fact that they very realistically show some moments from the life of young people.

It is assumed that this video track will be the second in a row in the Vibe video trilogy. The rapper Lonezo also takes an active part in its creation.

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