Mechafest 2021 will be held at the end of March this year

It is assumed that the megapopular music festival will last four days, more than 40 artists will take part in it.

It was announced that White Boy Scream, Similarobjects and others will perform as part of the Mechafest 2021 virtual festival at the end of this month.

Within the framework of the virtual four-day festival, which will be held from March 25 to 28, each day there will be a different composition of participants, each of which will be represented by different organizations from around the world. On the third day, in particular, a list of performances organized by the Philippine music blog The Flying Lugaw will be presented.

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The festival will open on March 27 at 11 a.m. Philippine time. It will be the last such event, in the creation and conduct of which the famous music producer Jorge Juan Vineke took an active part. He plans to switch to other projects, believing that he was able to achieve maximum success in this field, and therefore, having reached the top, only a downward descent awaits him ahead. He intends to develop and implement a fundamentally new concept of a musical event of a global scale.

Part of the profits received from the festival will be directed to the Tulong Kabataan Network charity, which has created and maintains an extensive network of youth rehabilitation centers located in almost all of the Philippines.

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