Michael Jackson's Life To Be Filmed In 2023

King of Pop Michael Jackson will also be getting the rights to his biopic. The film, soberly titled “Michael”, is slated to be filmed during 2023, although in reality, filming could stretch over several years. A biopic about the singer, who died in 2009, will soon be produced by Graham King, who worked on Bohemian Rhapsody.

Before the audience will appear the king of pop music, as we have never seen him. The script of the film was written by John Logan and those responsible for the estate of Michael Jackson. If at the moment neither the actor who will play the role of the artist nor the date of filming is reported, then it is already known that the feature film will be called “Michael”.

Although the film is in pre-production, it is not known who will have the honor of playing the lead role. It was Jaafar Jackson, the singer’s nephew, who was tentatively chosen to play the King of Pop. The young man is the son of Jermain Jackson, the older brother of Michael Jackson. The information was published by the American edition of Deadline.

Passionate about music, the 27-year-old artist has been writing songs and singing since the age of 11. His first single “Got Me Singing” was released in 2019. Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, reacted to the news in The Hollywood Reporter’s columns: “Jaafar represents my son. It’s so wonderful to see him convey Jackson’s legacy.”

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The production of the biopic was entrusted to Graham King, an experienced director in the field, as he was responsible for the epic Bohemian Rhapsody on Queen and won an Oscar for The Departed.

Recall that on June 25, 2009, the King of Pop Michael Jackson was found unconscious in his home. After the intervention of emergency services, the terrible news appears in the media that the king of pop has passed away. The artist leaves behind an orphaned world.

A few months after his death, a documentary about his incomplete international tour was released. We get to know behind the scenes preparing his concerts at the Los Angeles Staples Center. The film is a compilation of several episodes recreating his last concert.

Since 2009, the legendary singer has orphaned millions of fans. Some fans are desperate to find any sign of the King’s reappearance.

For several days, Internet users were sure that the king of pop was back among us thanks to the Instagram account of Elisabeth Lorun. The girl posted a confusing selfie in which she looks like two drops of water on Michael Jackson.

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