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Mike Patton will sing the theme of ninja turtles

Mike Patton of Faith No More performed a song from everyone’s favorite cartoon, Ninja Turtles, to use it in a new video game.

The game is called «Shredder’s Revenge», and its release was announced on March 11. So far, video game lovers have a spectacular teaser trailer in which Patton’s vocal part sounds. After watching it, viewers will immediately understand the amazing quality of the graphics that the Dothem company awarded the heroes of the new video game from the publisher.

At the end of last year, Patton made a statement about the reunion of the popular group Faith No More. But everything is far from as rosy as her fans could imagine. It turns out, according to Patton, the group will take part in various shows and other projects, but new songs will not have to be expected from it, since the artists do not plan joint musical activities. But the old songs will still be performed.

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In June 2020, the group’s tour of the United Kingdom was scheduled. But it did not take place due to the restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic. The dates of the tour were postponed to a year, that is, to June 2021. But it is still not clear whether the expectations of the British fans of the group will come true, since the situation with the pandemic remains tense.

Patton is working with new band Mr Bungle, with whom he has already released a full-length studio album, which is a well-processed collection of thrash metal demo recordings of the group that they recorded as teenagers in the 1980s.

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