Morgan Wallen's «Dangerous» sets a new record

This is the first country album in the history of this direction of music, which spent the first seven weeks at the top of the Billboard 200. This is a huge achievement and an excellent result, according to Morgan Wallen. Prior to this, only Canadian rapper Drake showed the result at six weeks.

But the broadcast of the album stopped after the use of racial insults by a popular country singer. Some time ago, Morgan became a disgraced character in modern America due to racial views. Despite this, his compositions are very popular. Therefore, some wonder whether the tolerant attitude of many white Americans towards African Americans is actually ambivalent and hypocritical.

The reason for the rejection of the singer was a video that was distributed by one of his neighbors, in which he expressed himself very objectively in relation to one of the African Americans.

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For the same reason, Republic Records suspended the contract with a country artist. It was this contract that was a breakthrough in Wallen’s modern position and promised him not only rapid popularity, but also significant income.

The singer was forced to apologize publicly and promised that he would never allow such statements against representatives of another race.

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