Morgenstern Sells His Jewelry 2023

Morgenstern is the stage name of a Russian rapper, singer, and songwriter, also the pseudonym is the real name of the rapper. He first gained fame in 2017 thanks to parodies of popular music artists of the time, which he published on YouTube. In 2018, he abandoned this format and began releasing only author’s musical releases, building his future career exclusively on them. The artist’s work is preceded by various PR campaigns, and his image, performances and various actions have repeatedly become the object of attention of the media, statesmen and others.

In addition to his musical activities, Morgenstern is a co-founder of the restaurants “Kaif Provenance” and “Kaif Burger” (also a co-owner of this institution), as well as the founder of the online media in Telegram “Not Morgenstern”.

Guy sells his jewelry. For several months now, the famous Russian rapper Morgenstern has not been living in Russia. The guy left the country and now lives in the United Arab Emirates. Recall that the musician left his homeland due to problems with the law. Despite the fact that the artist manages to perform abroad, apparently, this income is not enough for him.

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Not so long ago, the musician posted a story on his social networks that he will be selling his jewelry from famous home. Fans considered such a statement a cry of lack of money. After all, all Alisher’s jewelry with diamonds is very expensive. It is currently unknown how much Morgenstern plans to sell his legendary chains for.

“Get ready grandmas! Soon I will sell chains, ”the musician wrote on his social networks.

Recall that Morgenstern has repeatedly stated that he misses his native land very much and, indeed, would like to return to his homeland. Whether the guy will be able to fulfill his dream and perform on the Russian stage again is unknown. Recall that many of his problems are directly related to the work of the performer. Repeatedly in his music found “propaganda about illegal drugs.”

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