Musconv - Allows to Move your music with ultimate comfort

It is not easy to move your music easily between different services. For performing the migration, you can use a third party software. It is not possible to directly move music between different music services like Google Music and Spotify.

MusConv is a third party software which will allow you to move your music between various music services effortlessly. MusConv made the migration easier than any time before. Let us take a look at the features of MusConv.

MusConv at a glance

  • MusConv is capable of transferring unlimited songs per session.
  • MusConv allows the user to transfer unlimited playlists per session.
  • It even allows the user to export .CSV file.
  • It comes with the feature of playlist batch importing.
  • It allows the user to delete duplicate tracks from the playlist.
  • MusConv even allows the user to download song from different music services.
  • It comes with an excellent feature of converting the original song to different formats.

MusConv allows you to transfer unlimited songs per session. In addition, using this exciting tool is very easy. User has to put very little effort while migrating songs using this tool. MusConv is one of very few software that allows the user to migrate playlists manually.

MusConv offers easy handling and migration of songs from one music streaming service to another one. It makes the transferring very easy by allowing batch importing. To delete duplicate tracks from playlist was very difficult once. With MusConv, you can find out the duplicate files very easily as it has a completely stand-alone feature for the duplicate files. While using various music streaming services, very often users demand to download music.

MusConv can fulfill that demand of users to download music. In addition, while exporting and importing playlists and songs to various services, users may need to convert the original song to other formats. Software like MusConv very rarely come up with music converter, but Musconv turns out to be a successful rebel in the series.

It has a highly efficient music converter that can be used to convert unlimited original songs to different music formats. MusConv has lots of features that can make it stand at the top of other apps offering transfer of music across different platforms.

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