MusConv Review: An In-Depth Review About Using The MusConv App

MusConv connects listening experience that transforms streaming. On paper, MusConv is a music conversion toolkit. But, what does it do that’s different, or how does it work? 

We believe that creating a connection between streaming services is the key to a true transformation with music enthusiasts at heart. 

The toolkit sounds lofty, but actually it’s grounded under the skin of what people need and designed to use the limitless possibility of technology to create something that enhances music experiences and lives for you, your friends and your family!

MusConv use data, insights and interactions using a separate, super-fast and secure online server to convert music safe from one streaming service to another, it builds its technology openly and collaboratively with you, for a better experience. 

How To Download MusConv?

It is very easy to download our music conversion tool. You can get the latest version of MusConv program here.

Choose the OS you are using and Just click the download button. The toolkit would be downloaded in seconds, as the software is very lightweight.

The installation procedure is as same as you had installed hundreds of programs. All you need to do is to double-click the executable (.exe) file for Windows or .dmg file for Mac OS and choose the installation directory. By default, the software would be installed at your “C:\\Program Files\MusConv” directory (Windows) or Applications folder (Mac).

After installing, launch the Musconv application to transfer your music.

Here is a list of Music Services supported by MusConv:

As you can see we support 50+ music services even with a MusConv free version. And a dozen amount of services will be supported in the nearest future.

In order to purchase the paid version, you can click “Order now” from the app or go to the order page on the website.

There are three paid plans available for MusConv:

  • Basic ($6.99/month)
  • Professional ($7.99/month)
  • Ultimate ($8.99/month)

Choose the version that suits your need the most, and enter your billing information. The payment system is completely secure and it has been PCIDSS, McAfee Secure, alongside Norton Secured certified.

MusConv accepts payment from PayPal and Credit cards.   

How To Use The App & Transfer Playlists Between Services

In order to transfer playlists between services, you just need to perform four simple steps: 

  • Select Source
  • Select Playlist
  • Select Destination 
  • Go to Transfer

Select source music service

On the left side of the tool dashboard, you will find the streaming services from which or into which you can transfer your playlist. 

Select the source from where you would like to transfer your playlists and music. For instance, let us think that we are converting music and playlists from Amazon Music. 

  • Select the Amazon Music logo from the left navigation panel. 
  • A new pop-up window will appear inthe screen asking you to login credential for Amazon Music.
  • Enter your login info and click the login button. Now you will be able to access your Amazon Music playlists & songs.
  • Choose the playlists and music you want to convert from Amazon Music using the checkbox located next to each playlist and song. 

Select destination music service

Now select the destination you want to transfer your music into and enter your login credentials. For example, we will transfer music and playlists into Spotify from Amazon Music. Click Spotify from the navigation panel located at the right side. Again, a pop-up window will appear asking your login credentials. 

  • Choose the music and playlists you want to transfer and click “transfer selected”. 
  • Now use your login credential again for your Amazon Music account.
  • After hitting the transfer button, the MusConv will take care of the rest process. It usually takes a moment to convert a song, as MusConv server utilizes the highest uplink and downlink speed for making sure the utmost convenience of its clients.
  • There is also a cancel button below, which you can use to suspend the conversion process at any time. 

Export Playlists to CSV file

Exporting playlists is almost as simple as transferring music from one streaming service provider to another.

  • At first, choose the source music service logo located at the left bottom of the navigation menu of MusConv program.
  • Log in to the music streaming service provider from which you want to download your playlist as CSV file.
  • Then choose the playlist you want to download as a CSV. Click “Transfer” on the bottom of application and select CSV from the drop-down menu.
  • Now select the directory where you want to save the CSV file and rename it if required.
  • Your playlist would be downloaded as a CSV file in your selected directory.

MusConv supports most popular playlist file formats in the market: 

txt, csv, xml, m3u, m3u8, wpl, pls, json, xspf, zpl, asx, bio, fpl, kpl, pla, aimppl, plc, mpcpl, smil, vlc.

Conclusion: Why You Should Consider MusConv?

MusConv is one of the finest toolkits available for converting your music and playlist from one streaming service provider to another and for enhancing your listening experience. 

Whether it is Amazon or YouTube, Pandora or Napster, MusConv could have been your catch to convert music in a moment. Besides, if you want to download your playlist as an excel file, there will be no such good and simple alternative as an MusConv.

Finally, when it comes to cost/benefit ratio, MusConv is incredibly handy music converting tool that you can get in the market.

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