Music can help you lose weight

Reading newspapers or watching TV programs while eating is harmful. But listening to music can even be useful. Topical research by Danish scientists confirmed this assumption.

During the experiments, they found out that musical rhythm can provide irreplaceable help in weight loss. We are talking about the fact that eating in optimal quantities, so as not to overeat, can help a certain rhythm of music.

Research results showed that this is how people eat accompanied by slow music (legato). This is slow music with smooth transitions. The secret, most likely, is that the musical rhythm affects the speed of eating.

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In a similar manner, the reverse effect can be achieved. Fast and rhythmic music can not reduce, on the contrary, stimulate appetite. By the way, medical staff in nursing homes often encounter such a problem.

So, with the help of music, you can situationally adjust the speed of eating.

The study involved about 300 people. How much the musical rhythm can in the future really help not only slow down the pace of eating, but also protect in this way from consuming excessive calories is still difficult to say. To do this, it is necessary to conduct a number of additional experiments, during which it will be possible to test the effect of the beneficial influence of music during a full breakfast or lunch, taking into account the dishes served on the table and, most importantly, portions.

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