A Brief about Music Catalogues of Top Music Streaming Providers

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Here, in this article, we will be discussing about the music catalogues of the top music streaming providers. If you are looking for a music-streaming provider, you have to check the price and features. It is important for the top-notch streaming providers to have great music catalogues.

It will in turn help to generate more users. However, the prices of all top service providers are almost same. Apple, Google, and Spotify cost the same. Cost of Tidal is a little bit higher and it comes up with the real lossless audio.

Apple music has over 40 million tracks. Spotify has over 30 million tracks. In addition, the Google Play Music All Access has over 40 million of tracks. Deezer and Tidal have 43 million and 46 million tracks respectively. These are the official numbers of tracks available in the libraries of top music streaming provider.

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From the figures, it may seem that Spotify has lesser amount of songs in its library. It is not the fact in truth. Actually, it is using the same “over 30 million” tale for more than two years. According to the statistics, it can be said that the Tidal has the best figures among all.

While offering more than 46 million tracks, it is one of the most costly streaming service provider. This service along with Deezer can only provide Lossless audio.

However, being exclusive is highly important fact. Over the last one and half years, there were a lots of exclusives. The biggest exclusive went to Tidal and Apple music. Jay-Z and a coalition of other artists named Daft Punk, Chris Martin and Madonna own the exclusive.

The 2016 album of Drake was made a limited time exlusive by Apple Music. On tidal, the Lemonade of Beyonce is still the streaming exclusive. It has been streaming exclusive for more than a year. In spite this type of venture, Spotify used to favor the Spotify sessions. Spotify sessions consist of live recordings of acoustic music. The podcasts of Deezer is made of TV talk show style programs.

However, if you have already chosen your favorite streaming service provider, you should now download the free trial version to check out the music quality and services before making the original purchase. After that, you will need a third party software to transfer your music playlist from older service to newer one. Fortunately, we can recommend MusConv to perform the task of transferring playlist.