Music digitization and streaming services


Remember the days when the use of compact discs was the only available format to listen to music?. Today, the Internet, and the .Mp3 format has changed the way we listen to music.

This digitization of music, has practically taken over the music industry, as music lovers can now listen/stream or download millions of songs and albums, via their smartphones or laptops.

With this new range of opportunities for both music lovers and artistes, streaming companies like Spotify and Google play, are gaining ground in the music industry. These streaming companies provide a platform whereby people can stream or download for a fee, which is used to pay the artistes and record labels.

Effect of Streaming Companies in the Music Industry

There is no debate that digital music has taken over the music industry, and this has also increased the influence of streaming companies. In just a decade, the streaming music industry has rapidly become an integral part of the larger music industry, and it continues to grow at a fast rate.

  • Increases the exposure of upcoming artists; Yes, streaming music companies give upcoming artistes an edge, by making their songs available to a wider audience.
  • Improves the growth of the music industry; Do you know that labels saw an 8. 1% in music growth in the early quarter of 2017, due to the large number of subscribers flocking to streaming industries. Streaming companies like Spotify, with over 40 million subscribers were crucial to this growth.
  • The increase in music streaming, is reducing the level of music piracy: As we all know that scarcity and costs breeds piracy. For this reason, streaming companies offers their subscribers, more songs at extremely affordable prices.

 To get a better view of its effects, let us assess two of the major streaming music companies today; Spotify and Google play. These major companies offer a subscription platform that allows subscribers to create their own playlist, and stream different songs or albums at will.

Streaming Companies and Playlist

Every one desires a great playlist, as it offers easy access to their favorite songs. In fact, recent studies shows that, 9 in every 10 American citizen, creates playlists, at least every 3 months. However, having a playlist in a streaming site, does not come cheap.

Companies like Spotify, Pandora, and Google Play, offer different subscription levels. Subscriptions like basic, medium, and premium, determines the features that you can access.

Since streaming companies offer different subscription rates, users tend to move to those that have cheaper rates. However, they stand to lose their playlist on the previous streaming sites. To prevent such, tools like MusConv can transfer your playlist from a previous streaming site, to a new one.

What is MusConv?

MusConv is a tool, which enables you to transfer your playlist and tracks via various services and platforms. At MusConv, we make the transfer of your tracks and playlists possible via 4 steps;

  1. Select Source
  2. Select Playlist
  3. Select Destination
  4. Go to transfer

Based on your preferences, we offer 3 types of subscriptions;

  • Basic ($ 6.99 monthly): You get ultimate playlists per session, M3u support, and CSV exports.
  • Professional ($ 7.99 monthly): we offer additional features and playlists batch importing.
  • Ultimate($ 8.99 monthly): we offer great and exciting options like deletion of duplicate tracks, and we provide Apple Music support.

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