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Today, digital music is the most popular format. Do you wonder where the most sales of such music take place today? So, you should visit popular streaming platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and others. It’s a bit difficult to get into the catalogs of these giants without assistance. That’s why, there are special music distributors (aggregators) that allow performers to sell music from personal accounts on any platform to all record stores at the same time.

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It is necessary to register with one of the digital content distributors. After it, confirm an account where you can add your music, and choose shops to start selling the albums (service on a fee basis).

However, how do distributors work? On the one hand, they cooperate with all the online music platforms, and, on the other hand, they work with all musicians who want to sell their songs. These mediators get their regular fees, or one-time royalty. With their assistance, new music products will be sold in selected record stores on a lifetime basis, or an annual fee.

It’s also worth adding that each album or individual track have their own virtual barcode. It looks like stickers applied on any products at supermarkets, for example, you can see it on a licensed CD with music. It is a unique barcode that allows you to identify your music worldwide. It is permanently assigned to a track or album. This service costs some money but some distributors make it absolutely for free.

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The MusConv portal will help you to dive into the world of music and find what you want. This service works with more than 50 music services, allowing you to test each of them for free and then make your choice. We enable you to transfer your favorite songs, videos, playlists, and manage your data between streaming music services.