Do cowboys, juicy tacos, and bloody Westerns are the only things that come to mind when you think of Texas? While the state is undoubtedly rich in culture, it’s also the special place to run music festivals that draw tens of thousands of people from around the world annually. And the coolest Music festivals 2023 Texas will undoubtedly be those on this list:

Music festivals 2023 Texas

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AUSTIN CITY LIMITS. Over the 20 years of its existence, this festival has become so successful that it takes not one, but two weekends to allow everyone to enjoy the atmosphere and performances of the world’s most popular artists. ACL is welcoming guests on 6-8 and 13-15 October, this year, with incredible music, talented artists’ exhibitions, and authentic Texas barbecue for everyone to enjoy.

LEVITATION MUSIC FESTIVAL. The LEVITATION MUSIC FESTIVAL is a truly unique event that offers a multisensory experience, emphasizing human emotions through incredible music and immersive visual effects such as installations, projections, and light shows. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, book a ticket to the LEVITATION MUSIC FESTIVAL in Austin from October, 26-29.

UTOPiAfest. UTOPiAfest is a vivid example of how small dreams can blossom into something much bigger. Eleven years ago, ranch owner and festival founder Travis Sutherland invited a few unknown local bands and his neighbors to enjoy some good music. Now, the festival attracts well-known musicians and guests from all over the world to experience the authentic atmosphere of Texas. This year’s event took place in Burnet.

FLOAT FEST. No, the name of this festival is not just a clever metaphor or just a harmonious set of words. FLOAT FEST is a place where you will literally enjoy the hits of popular artists… by floating. The founders of the festival aimed to provide the most comfortable conditions possible and create an unforgettable vacation experience. Top rap artists, a refreshing river, and delicious national Texas cuisine – isn’t that a perfect mix?

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It is highly recommended to attend one of these festivals, but in case you are unable to go, you can still listen to the music that will be performed on stage by using live-streaming services. Luckily, the MusConv application can help you transfer your music to the streaming platform that will be broadcasting the festival.