How Is Music For A Casino Chosen?

If you’ve ever stepped into a casino, you’ll understand that music is one of the biggest influences on guests who enter these exciting places. While some myths suggest that casinos use music to keep people glued to the games they are playing, what music does in a casino is that it makes the game more comfortable, allowing them to enjoy themselves.

One of the many things all casino music genres have in common is that they are extremely upbeat and exciting to allow the customer to have a good time once they take their seat rather than focusing on the blackjack. Setting the mood is an extremely important part of the casino, and therefore more people are likely to spend more money if they listen to a happy song rather than a love ballad.

Music is a huge marketing tool in casinos, and while the myths about hypnotic music are not entirely true, music can really help change the attitude of guests to ensure guests have the best experience possible. This helps improve the guest experience so they can stay longer and spend more money.

Music affects not only human physiology. As practice shows, musical accompaniment in gambling establishments plays an important role in creating a special atmosphere for which players go there. Even in the very first casinos, which were organized in the south of Italy for meetings of gambling people, music was always played. Invited street musicians played simple songs so that the guests would not get bored.

Different Music in Different Rooms

Music accompanies every step of a gambling house client. Not only in game rooms, but also in the bar, recreation room and even the toilet. However, these will always be different melodies. There is only one general rule for all voiceovers – they should not attract too much attention from visitors. After all, the main thing that guests should focus on is the game itself.

  • In those areas where customers take a break from playing – recreation areas, restaurants, bars, lounges – you can always hear light, relaxing lounge-style music. These are instrumental melodies without words, sounding not harsh and soothing. In such rooms people usually relax, so the musical accompaniment is selected accordingly.
  • If you move from these zones to the hall with slot machines, you can hear more rhythmic, festive and cheerful music. All this is complemented by the bright lights of the slot machines themselves and the mischievous sounds of coins falling out. A real holiday. In such zones, the most popular compositions from the world’s track lists are almost always played, but sometimes the owners create their own playlists, which, in their opinion, most fully complement the picture.
  • The music is most carefully selected in those rooms where clients play poker or roulette. Here they always perform compositions without words, quiet and smooth. After all, these games require a lot of concentration from the players and nothing should interfere with them.
  • World gambling houses, which are visited by millions of players a year, sometimes do not just choose ready-made compositions, but order music for each hall individually from world-class musicians.

Players’ interest

Music can get boring in any case, even if it is the calmest. This is why tracks for global casino brands are chosen by certified psychologists. The compositions are selected in such a way and in such an order as to sound as unobtrusive as possible and, on the contrary, to reveal the client’s interest in the establishment.

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Determination to perform one type of task

Whatever one may say, almost any game in a casino is a monotonous execution of the same actions. The human brain is designed in such a way that it needs variety. A person can get tired of monotonous actions, even the most interesting ones. To prevent boredom in the casino, the owners are again using music. Rhythmic instrumental melodies allow you to add variety to the constant series of bets or clicks on the machine buttons. This makes playing more fun.

Minutes of silence

But no matter how good the melody is, every person can get tired of constant sounds. This point was taken into account by the owners of top online casinos. Every gambling site has an option that allows you to turn off the music or sound in the game. This allows online gamblers to take a break from music and start another game of online poker or roulette with renewed vigor. It is for this option that many gamblers especially value online casinos.

If we are talking about land-based gambling houses, then the client cannot control the music. But avid gamers have found a simple solution: many take their own player with headphones or ordinary earplugs to the casino, which allow them to switch from a general background music to an individual one. This solution is used by casino regulars in the United States of America.

Lounge Music

During the daytime, in most casinos, the administration plays calmer lounge music, popular in the 1950-1960s. The music written during this period is very light and unobtrusive. At night, more dynamic music is turned on to create a party atmosphere, and during the day, guests can relax while playing to light compositions.

Musical accompaniment in casinos is becoming a certain marketing tool. Myths about the hypnotic effect of music are greatly exaggerated, but melodies can change people’s mood and behavior and create a more comfortable atmosphere. This makes it possible to improve customer service, thanks to which guests will spend more time in the casino and spend more money. By the way, this is typical not only for land-based casinos, but also for online casinos, for example, this one. If you go through the top slots, in the vast majority of them you will also hear music of this kind.

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