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Music platforms

The Internet has many music platforms that can be used to enjoy listening to high-quality popular tracks. These services offer huge song catalogs, have user-friendly interfaces, and provide the opportunity to enjoy music. We have selected the 4 best music services in 2021.

Music platforms

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This service allows you to listen to music on a wide variety of devices. It is currently available on PCs, tablets, and smartphones that run on operating systems such as iOS, Windows, Android. Also, the registration process is extremely easy.

Many users who have registered on the Deezer service pointed out the many benefits of this platform. Among them:

  • user-friendly interface;
  • transmission of tracks at high speed (up to 320 kbps);
  • a huge selection of different music tracks.


It is one of the most popular music streaming platforms. It is necessary to download its official version in order to use all the opportunities provided. After registration, the user sees the playlist, chooses the tracks, and enjoys great tunes. The free version is available too, it is suitable for PC but the quality is transmitted at a speed of 160 kbit/sec. The quality of music transmission in the paid version of the service reaches 320 kbit / s.

The strengths of the platform Spotify according to music lovers opinions:

  • well-designed functionalities;
  • great selection of a wide variety of music tracks;
  • ability to select music tracks based on time of day.


This is a service that was created to host new tracks created by members of the music industry. The music selection and search are so good that you can find almost any track. You can listen to music performers in two ways: with or without the registration there.

The main advantages of this platform according to users comments:

  • access to a large number of remixes and remakes of famous music tracks;
  • uncomplicated search in mobile version;
  • the ability to use the service for free.

Apple Music

It allows you to listen to a wide variety of music. This platform differs from many others. First and foremost, it is designed for owners of Apple devices. However, it can also be used on smartphones running Android.

The most significant advantages of this platform are considered to be:

  • the ability to play songs from the app’s catalog and add your own tracks.
  • ability to create playlists, watch films, and video clips.
  • all sub-titles are sorted by artist, style, genre, etc.

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MusConv is a comfortable application that will help you to transfer your music library from one streaming service to another. That is why you don’t have to worry about your music collection when you change the streaming app.