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There is more than a handful of musical platforms out there, we love using them because they allow us to handle our music as we please. We can build our own libraries, create playlists specific to certain moods, and of course listen to all the music, podcasts and radio stations out there.

However, there comes a time, every now and then, where we decide we need to make a change, specifically to a new platform. It may be due to problems with the current platform, or maybe due to the appearance of a newer, better one. Sometimes it’s just to follow trends and go with the flow.

The problem that always faces us during such a transition is the existing music collection on our current platform and all the time and effort that was put into constructing it comes to mind. It would be a real shame to have to start from scratch, recreating every single playlist, and upload/download every song we had.

It has become necessary to find a way to do this process automatically, without wasting resources. Some users have opted for downloading, or writing their own scripts that to a certain extent automate the process, but the problem with such a thing is that it is still time consuming to do so and the process could be full of errors, making it an undesirable choice.

Fortunately, there is a solution out there that will solve this problem once, and for all.

MusConv is the tool that will just do that. It is a software that allows the migration of your entire music collection from one platform to another. Currently it transfers music from Spotify to Google Play Music, and the other way around.

It is designed with a simple user interface in order for users to be able to complete the process without putting much thought in it. It is so quick and simple that it encourages users to use it to transfer their music worrying about the steps. The process is also so efficient that users should expect it to be completed with virtually no mistakes or issues.

Here is how it works:

  1. You select the platform the songs are on (Spotify or Google Play Music)
  2. You choose which songs and which playlists to move to the new platform
  3. You choose the platform you wish to transfer your music to (Google Play Music or Spotify)

Then the software will take care of the rest, and transfer all the music to the new platform.

Why is MusConv the way to go when migrating though?

While it may seem like a simple piece of software, MusConv has a lot of advantage that not only make it the easiest way to do this; it also makes it the most suitable way. Some of these advantages are:

1. Audio format support:

Musconv can handle a lot of container formats and supports most of their audio formats. Those are:

Audio formats supported
MKV/MKA Vorbis, MP2, MP3, LC-AAC, HE-AAC, WMAv1, WMAv2, AC3, eAC3, Opus
WebMVorbis, Opus
OGGVorbis, Opus

Music files can come in any format and in any container, and MusConv is prepared for whatever is thrown its way.

2. Audio format conversion:

Building on the previous point, MusConv has the ability to change music file formats from one to another. This is mainly important for the resolution of any format compatibility issues.

This is crucial when converting from Spotify to Google Music Play, and vice versa, because of the years that separate the two platforms, compatibility issues are always expected.

Another reason for this is that the same music file can have multiple formats based on the subscription type within the same platform, and between the both of them

3. Playlist batches importing:

Everyone is expected to have more than one single playlists on their platform, in fact, with the variety of option each platform provides; most users have a large number of playlists, each for a different genre and/or mood.

In order for the activity of moving songs not get tedious, MusConv has the ability to move multiple playlists simultaneously, with virtually no limits.

4. Smart playlist scanner:

Due to the difference in interface between Spotify and Google Play Music, there is bound to be instances of duplicate files. It could be due to different naming formats, or it could be a pre-existing issue.

Either way, MusConv can scan, detect and delete said duplicate files, post transfer, without any problems and with minimal waste of time

5. CSV export:

Occasionally, one needs their music list in the form of a typed document. A CSV file is most convenient for such a situation, and MusConv is standing at the ready with its ability to export your playlists to CSV, whether it’s on Google Play Music or Spotify.

6. Impressive subscription fees:

While a subscription is needed to get the full version of MusConv, its prices are very low, and they are all one-time fees for unlimited usage of the software.

You might as well just go for ultimate for all the cool extra features included. Still, even with a basic subscription, you get everything you need for MusConv to perform its job adequately.

7. Free trial:

MusConv does not expect users to just go ahead and pay for a subscription, it offers a free trial to allow users to see it at work, and confirm that all the features are as promised.

What is good about MusConv, beyond just the transfer of music from one platform to another and its other features, is that it allows users to stay in touch with both platforms.

If the process had to be done manually and took time and effort to complete, it would have either deterred users from making the switch, or it would have discouraged them from returning to the previous platform after all the time it took to complete the migration process. MusConv preserve the relationship between users and both platforms.

MusConv is currently available for Windows and Mac operating systems. The trial version and paid subscriptions are available for purchase on the MusConv website

MusConv is the best tool out there for going through the migration process from Spotify to Google Play Music, and vice versa, and soon it will also include other musical platforms to cater to the needs of their users. This software is simple; it completes the process with just a few click. It is fast; it completes the process in relatively a very short time.

It is efficient; it solves issues like duplicate files and does end up corrupting music files in the process. Most importantly, MusConv save users from all the hassle and effort that would have been put into manually going through this process, which is why it is the best option out there for everyone that wishes to make that switch.

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