Music Returns To Lola In 2023

The Portuguese city of Loulе will once again host an international music festival in 2023, which has already been held 18 times in a row, with the exception of 2020 and 2021, when the world-class music event was hampered by pandemic-related bans.

The event is intended to be a link between the pre-pandemic era and the Festival MED, which should take place after the return to normal. The resumption of economic and social activities, in particular the new measures taken to ease the lockdown, made it possible to implement this initiative, which will allow the population to meet their cultural needs, as well as the fans of the Festival MED will bring new musical experiences and novelties related to new artistic projects.

The festival will take place in the historic center of Loulу from June 30 to July 2, 2023. The exact program of the festival. As well as the artists whose performances will take place are still kept secret. In addition to space for national Portuguese music and new projects, there will also be sounds from different parts of the world, from traditional roots to the most innovative rhythms.

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This is one of the most significant international music festivals, which are held almost regularly in Portugal. It has a great influence not only on the regional economy, but also on the development of the country as a whole. Being an international festival, Festival MED attracts world-famous artists to the stage. By the way, during the festival, artists perform on ten stages. This is the number of scenes that have been at the festival since its debut in the music world.

As already mentioned, the Festival MED program with all the performers is still unknown, and there are no tickets on sale yet, but the organizers assure that this will happen very soon. You can follow all the news about the event on the MED Festival Facebook page.

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