Music Service Doesn't Work In Your Country - What To Do?

To start using a music streaming service that does not officially work in your country, you need to follow a few simple steps – install the VPN software, register an account on the streaming service website, and log in through the VPN once every few weeks.

If the music streaming service is not officially established in your country, it is not possible to register an account with an IP address from that country. Install any VPN to disguise yourself as a resident of another country. Most of these services have limited traffic, so do not forget to disable it after registering your account and installing the client.

There are also browser VPN options that you can use as well. But you need to remember that a free service is almost always less functional than one that can be obtained with a paid subscription.

You will also need to log into your VPN streaming account every two weeks due to periodically checking your IP address. The most important thing when going to the official website of a streaming service is to choose the country in which the service operates, for example, the United States. The selected country should be remembered, because every two weeks the site will check the user’s location (one of the limitations of the free account). Within 14 days, the services of the portal can be used abroad, usually the service system perceives such changes as “a client on vacation”.

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What happens when using a VPN? Most of the locks are based on the user’s physical location. However, when you connect to a VPN, your traffic is going through a server in a different country. The music streaming service sees your new location and allows access if it is officially running there. Modern sites and applications can easily identify the IP of users. When you hide it with a VPN, no one can find out your real location. Connect, for example, to a server in the United States and enjoy streaming your favorite music wherever you are.

A card of one of the international payment systems is suitable for payment. With PayPal, things are a little more complicated. This online wallet only works in the country in which it is registered, so you will have to use a VPN when creating an account with PayPal. Then you will need to provide your home address, which must match the actual address that exists in the country of registration (you can find it on Google Maps, no one will check if you really live there). To reduce the cost of a subscription, it is better to choose not the United States as a country, but, for example, the Philippines, where a monthly subscription is very cheap.

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