Music services like Google Play Music

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If you are a music lover, then you may find it important to have a premium offer from a good music streaming service like Google Play Music. The price of Google Play Music depends upon the offer you are planning to get.

It has two paid offers such as Premium and normal. The price of premium pack is $14.99. The price of normal pack is $9.99. However, Google play offers unlimited music download and it has in total around 40 million music.

However, there are lots of service providers like Google Music. Here, we are discussing about the music services like Google Play Music.  

At first, we are discussing about the Spotify. According to many users, Spotify is the best music streaming service provider in the market. However, Spotify is an excellent tool for managing your digital contents. It can also provide restricted content from the record labels including Sony, Warner Music Group, and EMI etc. is an outstanding alternative to Google Music service. It is a music community website. It allows the user to personalize internet radio. In order to build up a detailed profile, it provides a recommendation system named “Audioscrobbler”.

 In order to share music easily and quickly, SoundCloud is an excellent service. The platform of Soundcloud regularly receives and sends music for artists as well as record labels. iTunes is one of the best music streaming service available in the market.

iTunes is actually the best way for you, if you want to organize as well as enjoy all trends of music. For maintaining pre-existing music, movies, as well as TV shows, you must want to have one premium subscription from iTunes. However, you can also maintain those by using a free service.

Pandora radio was founded in 2000. Being founded about 17 years ago, it developed huge popularity. This radio service is completely free to use. In addition, Pandora can analyze around 400 attributes of songs by using the Music Genome project.

Deezer is actually a free music streaming service. It is in truth a web based streaming service. While using the deezer, you will be able to create playlist and listen to the online radio.

However, if you want to transfer music or playlist from one service to another, you can take help from MusConv. It will allow you to transfer files across various music service. This excellent tool is available with a free trial and paid service.