Music services overview and MusConv: Transfer your music across various services

Various high end music services are available for the users in these days including Google music, spotify and amazon music unlimited etc. Once there was a time when there was no competitor of iTunes and Apple in music, but even iTunes now has to go for tough competitions.

Google play music is a top notch music service which includes podcast streaming and online storage. With a standard service, the user can enjoy 50,000 songs for free. The premium service comes with a 30-days trial and user can stream 40,00000 songs while using the premium service.

In combination with YouTube Red, google music provides unlimited songs to listen. To add external tracks into library, user needs to pay and tracks can be added from the store.

Spotify is a service like google music and it provides a wide range of restricted content to the users. Through the interface, user can browse by genre, playlist, album, record and direct searches.

It allows the user to build their playlists. In addition, Spotify can integrate its system with which provides music recommendations based on the listening history. Spotify has social media integrated and it allows the users to access the favorite music of their friends.

Moreover, the users can share their favorite playlists in Facebook and Twitter. Spotify is available for various platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Boxee, Squeezebox and Windows etc.  

You can use different platforms for different devices. But it is very important to transfer playlists and music among various platforms. For transferring music across various services, MusConv can prove to be very handy. It has three types of account named basic, professional and ultimate pricing $7.95, $8.95 and $9.95 respectively.

All of those offer unlimited song transfer in one session. Professional and ultimate accounts can import playlist batch. Basic, professional and ultimate will get 2 years, 3 years and lifetime updates respectively.  

While using this excellent tool, users can be capable of transferring playlists as well as tracks throughout different services. The complete transferring comprises of four simple steps. At the beginning the user has to select the source. Then the user has to select the playlist.

After that, the user will be asked to select destination. At next, user can go to transfer. The ultimate plan of MusConv has an exciting feature of deleting the duplicate files. Altogether, MusConv is an exceptional package to withstand your exquisite demand of transferring playlists and tracks among various services.

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