Music Sources For DJs

Streaming music has become the most common and used way to listen to music in recent years. Each of the major services has a huge catalog of artists and is constantly increasing the number of tracks on the platform. The main tool for finding new music on these services is ready-made and dynamic playlists, which include similar compositions.

We do not recommend using music from streaming services for public performances. There are two main reasons for this: the relatively poor sound quality and the need for an Internet connection to play.

Your best bet is to use these services to find new music and then purchase the files from stores like Beatport.

Beatport is a platform specifically designed for DJs. Initially, it was possible to purchase tracks from an extensive catalog on it. And relatively recently, the Beatport Link service was launched, which allows you to use tracks for performances without downloading. In this case, Beatport acts as the source of music in a DJ program such as Serato or Traktor.

The service gives access to a vast catalog of music and allows you to store a certain number of tracks of music offline without requiring an Internet connection. It is best suited for experimenting with different genres and tracks if you are just starting your DJ journey. But for the formation of your own collection, it is not very suitable. First of all, because you are not the owner of the downloaded music and after the subscription is terminated, you lose access to all your tracks. Therefore, to create your own collection, we recommend buying tracks on Beatport, rather than paying for a subscription.

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The cost of one track is one and a half or two and a half dollars, with rare exceptions. At the same time, Beatport often sends promotional codes with a progressive discount, depending on the total amount of the purchase. Accordingly, one of the useful ways to work with the platform is to select tracks and store them in the basket for some time, buying everything at once using a promo code at the right time.

The Beatport catalog contains all genres of electronic dance music, up to the most exotic ones. Well-known DJs and producers regularly publish their own selections and playlists. Therefore, if you like the work of a famous DJ, we recommend checking out his selections on Beatport – this is another great way to find music suitable for performances.

You must have heard about the existence of YouTube and how you can go from track to track for hours. The platform uses complex algorithms to find similar music, so just find a track you like there and you will get a lot of similar ones in the recommendations. This tool is perfect for beginner DJs when creating a collection of music from scratch. As with Soundcloud, we urge you not to download tracks illegally or copy them using special grabber programs. We recommend that you make a playlist of your favorite tracks and buy them in one of the online stores.

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