Music Trends 2022

If you are interested in contemporary music and trends in the music world, then you are probably interested in what particular directions are popular this year?

According to surveys regularly conducted by the IFPI organization (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), at the end of 2021 (the results of 2022 are not yet available for obvious reasons), the interests of music lovers in percentage were distributed as follows:

  1. Pop music – 25%
  2. Rock – 19%
  3. Hip Hop/Rap – 16%
  4. Dance/Electronic/House – 12%
  5. Author’s music (bards) – 9%
  6. Classical/Opera – 4%
  7. Blues – 2%
  8. Hard’n’heavy – 1.9%

It is worth saying a few words about trends – interest in genres is changing all the time, is in motion. If in the 70s of the 20th century 60% of the albums sold in the USA and Great Britain belonged to rock music, then in the 80s the synthesizer that came into vogue pushed aside guitar music, the “new wave” sounded mainly on the stages of the world. This year, rock music has made a comeback with grunge in the US and Britpop in the UK.

At the beginning of the 21st century, rap filled the charts, almost completely replacing rock music. In 2011, for the first time, not a single rock album hit the charts. At the moment, rock has somewhat regained its position. But mostly the public is interested in reissues of “classic” bands. Selling very well old records by such artists as “AC / DC”, “Eagles”, “Guns N’ Roses”, “The Rolling Stones”, “Queen”, “Fleetwood Mac”, “Oasis”, “Arctic Monkeys”, Elvis Presley, of course, the Beatles. Of the really active: “Imagine Dragons”, “Killers”, “Green Day”, “Foo Fighters”, “Pearl Jam”.

Surprising surprises happen from time to time, such as the very heavy band Slipknot, whose album debuted immediately at number one on the US charts. Which suggests that heavy metal has not exhausted itself as a style at all.

Club and electronic music, labeled “Dance/Electronic/House” in the poll, are also undergoing post-modern mergers. Increasingly, music experts are using the relatively new term EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

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The most recent trends include Korean K-pop, which in the form of “BTS” and “BlackPink” successfully storms the European and especially American charts, as well as a very pretty electro swing style – an original combination of EDM and classic jazz. Perhaps he is the future.

A completely logical question may arise as to why hip-hop is not the most popular genre, although it is it that sounds at all youth parties in the first place? What are its features and methods of influence?

After all, if you look, this music usually contains a primitive meaning. Often cultivates material wealth and an idle life against the backdrop of very rhythmic and swinging beats. And this whole message lasts no longer than three minutes, and when the track is heard to the holes, it is simply forgotten, and the listener immediately switches to a new one. And so, without end.

The fact is that the main consumers of this style are teenagers and young people. They are the ones who most often listen to music streaming and most often listen to music loudly in public places. And so, there is an illusion that hip-hop is leading the music world. As you can see, this is not entirely true. in the music world. As you can see, this is not entirely true. And the leading position remains pop music, as it was many years ago.

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