Music Trends 2023

The year has just begun and it is already clear that we are already following the music trends of 2023. In this sense, they help not only to map what the general audience listens to, but also to outline strategies, for example, for viral distribution.

Moreover, understanding what will be a trend helps to visualize the market as an industry that directly affects its composition. Soon you will be able to produce something according to what is in fashion, or strive to follow a different line, in accordance with your creative recommendations.

In other words: it is already clear that as an independent artist it is necessary to study the musical trends of 2023. But apart from the musical genre, it is necessary to pay attention to the technological and social advances that affect its sound – and the music trends of 2023.

The fan base is more important than ever, and this year it will continue. Artist relationships need to happen both on and off streaming platforms as influence has become necessary. Therefore, the trend for 2023 is for the artist to continue to provide the public with consistent and authentic content while remaining in the spotlight.

In addition to creating an identity with your audience, on launch days it translates into replay, playlisting, and expanding your audience. A fan who keeps his artist as a “favourite” is likely to listen to him three times as much.

The effects caused by the consumption of short videos on both Tik Tok and Instagram will also affect attention competition and view consumption.

In addition to songs with a shorter duration, faster tracks, the so-called speed songs, have become a trend among the public. An example of this are the tracks from Matue or Tears For Fears in their new accelerated versions.

However, along with this musical acceleration, there is a kind of counter-trend when longer pieces are presented and in demand. Not surprisingly, some of the tracks on Beyoncé’s Renaissance album, for example, are over six minutes long.

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While there are online platforms that sell beats so you can create your own hit, AI-generated music goes further. In this case, it is proposed to create an algorithm that will combine data from the most popular genres and songs in order to create something new, taking into account individual characteristics. In this sense, big companies like Tik Tok are already eyeing this type of product.

In keeping with some global music trends, fans were eclectic while listening. While the public chooses pop music as their soundtrack, they also follow hip hop artists and vice versa. In addition, metal fans follow rock musicians and other rhythms.

The same thing happens with the mixing of genres and electronic music, which includes funk and rap in new works. Thus, this mix trend in 2023 will take hold and appear on the dance floors.

In 2022, Bad Bunny was one of the top artists in the world and Anitta won several awards with a song in Spanish. In addition, songs from Korea, India and Latin America have attracted worldwide attention, as seen by BTS and Rosalia.

Therefore, this means that the look at other languages than English will continue to be strong, offering different genres for everyone. So don’t give up if singing in English or Spanish isn’t part of your musical identity, your native language will take its place as a marketing attraction.

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