Music Videos On Spotify

Music videos on Spotify is one of the features the platform seems to want to develop as an in-app service, just like YouTube Music is already doing. The most popular music streaming app in the world, especially in Europe and the US, is set to bridge the gap with its main competitors such as YouTube Music by introducing a new video player.

Spotify has created a new tabbed interface for the Now Playing screen. In this new interface, the user should be able to choose how to listen to their favorite music, with lyrics and the official video of the song. These new tabs include the regular album art, a Canvas mode that lets you see some video animations of the music you’re listening to, and a new video section.

This feature is already available in the Spotify app, but what will revolutionize the listening experience through this streaming service is definitely the Videos tab. This option should essentially show full music videos on Spotify, not simple animations of a few seconds, as it already does with the Canvas tab.

Spotify is currently displaying an informational message in the Videos section that says “thank you for your interest in the graphics card. We are working to show you what can happen in this section, which is a sign that this feature will be available to all users soon. With the new video section, Spotify will finally be able to compete with YouTube Music on an equal footing. It is characteristic that the new function becomes available to users from different countries at different times. The first innovations are being enjoyed by the Swedish music streaming service’s subscribers from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and, of course, Europe. And further in line are users from the less economically developed countries of the world.

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The biggest burden on a business is the archiving of footage and the bandwidth required to ensure smooth and uninterrupted streaming by users. In fact, the music videos will not be embedded in YouTube, but will be uploaded to the cloud directly on the platform, which should also allow them to be uploaded. This download feature has already been implemented and is available to premium users with a subscription with audio tracks.

It should be said that the new features are only available to users of the premium version. Those users who use the free version of this mega-popular music streaming application will not be able to fully appreciate the innovation.

The struggle for users, which is due to the high level of competition in the music market, requires music streaming services to constantly improve their functionality and increasingly loyal terms of use. And the green giant has succeeded significantly in this direction; it is not for nothing that it has been occupying a leading position in the global music market for many years in a row, owning a share of 36%. This means more. Than every third music stream in the world falls on Spotify.

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