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Apple Music is the world’s second most popular music streaming service after Spotify. It has an extensive base of 60 million tracks. Today, the development of the world-famous corporation from the American Cupertino owns 19% of the global streaming music market. The service offers playlists for different moods and author’s selections from dozens of foreign and domestic curators (music publications and labels). A characteristic feature of this platform is the static nature of the rules, the absence of sharp fluctuations in policy regarding paid subscriptions and its flexibility, as well as a clearly biased attitude towards all devices and operating systems not developed in Cupertino.

Mу Apple Music

The platform supports the function of compiling custom playlists that can be shared with friends by link. Registration with Apple devices is not required (if there is already an Apple ID), the service is installed on them by default.

But the application clearly does not like to work with Android. You can enter, of course, only through Apple ID, it is not always possible to register the first time, while the service sometimes slows down and flies out.

To use the program on your PC, you will need to download and install the iTunes. You must then create an account or log in with an existing one.

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The first three months you can use a free trial. After the trial period, an individual monthly subscription to the iTunes Store will cost $9.99. To use Apple Music as part of Family Access (6 people and, accordingly, the same number of individual accounts) you will have to pay $14.99. The cost of a paid subscription is noticeably different for different countries. For example, the cost of a monthly subscription in Russia or other CIS countries will be twice as low as in the United States.

The unquestionable advantages of the service include a huge media library of 60 million tracks. The platform has many songs for children in English and other languages, here you can easily find music exclusions from artists. The service operates in its own Apple AAC audio format with a 256 kbit/s bitrate.

The downside will be the lack of a free version of the application and poor compatibility with Android-based devices.

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