Music Discovery of the Highest Rated Streaming Services

Along with the quality of contents, you need to put emphasis on the music discovery features. Among all of the services, Spotify is hugely adored for its discovery tools. It has an excellent discovery tool named Discover Weekly Playlist. Every week it will be offering 30 specific tracks, which you may like.

In addition to the weekly offer, you will also be receiving daily mixes. Those daily mixes are built of tracks, which you have already listened. Discovery Weekly has really become an inspiration for other services as well. Deezer comes up with Flow, which offers an auto populated playlist. The playlist consists of a mixture of newer tunes and the older tunes, which you already like.

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Apple has playlists similar to Deezer. It has come up with “My Favorite Mix” as well as “My New Music Mix”. Those lists are updated once per week. As they are offering newer as well as older music, you do not need to curette yourself again. The stand-out features of Apple are a little less successful. Apple has a feature named Apple Connect and it looks more like Twitter.

It allows the artists to post to the fans about the new music. It also includes the thoughts of artists about politics, surrounding, and today’s world etc. However, it was not exactly revolutionary. Apple comes up with a digital radio station, Beats 1. This digital radio station is equivalent to BBC radio 1. Not everyone will like it, but it will suit them, who are listening to recent trends.

Google Play Music acts like a more backdated service when discovery is the key concern. It has a rolling home screen containing suggested playlists in according to the tastes. It looks more like digital magazine. It puts more emphasis on images and adds heavy images as well. Unfortunately, the playlist is not rich in contents.

This is where people find Spotify more interesting. Tidal is also similar to Google. It does not seem like Tidal is really trying to find out your listening habit. Instead, it puts emphasis on a Tidal Rising section. It is actually promoting newer acts, which Tidal celebrities like.

However, if you are buying a new service, you will need to move your playlist from older to newer streaming service. In order to perform it, you can take help from MusConv. The fast and reliable service of MusConv will allow you to quickly transfer your files across music services.