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If you use music streaming services, you probably know the concept of a playlist. This is a list of music you are listening to on this streaming platform.

It is cool when there is an opportunity to listen to music that coincides with the mood. In any service you can find millions of tunes that you can listen to as much as you want, but where to take the time to thoroughly dig into this variety and find the best? Compiling playlists manually, adding melodies one at a time, is a long thing.

Each of the music streaming services has its own interface, its own algorithm of musical recommendations and therefore there is no single rule for compiling its own playlists, as well as a universal instruction on their formation.

The playlist will include those musical compositions that you select when working with the streaming music service.

A playlist in a broad sense is a selection of music created by the user. You can post it on your channel or send it to a friend. You can also allow other authors to add content to their playlists.

Мy music list

The need for services that form playlists arose just when people got access to almost all the music in the world.

The algorithm for collecting music in the playlist is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. More precisely, this algorithm has not yet been invented, so veterans of the music industry are taken to work with playlists.

By creating your playlist, you can download it if the terms of use of the streaming service allow this. In most cases, only those users who have signed up for a paid subscription to a particular streaming music service will be able to download the created playlists. In the free version, you can create your own list of music, but they will not be able to download it and subsequently play it offline.

By downloading the playlist, you can listen to your favorite tracks without caring about the availability and quality of the Internet connection. You can listen to this music on the way to work and home, in the car, at a picnic, and so on.

The list of music is created by the user himself according to his musical preferences. As a rule, these are songs belonging to one of the genres: pop, rock or, for example, chanson. Of course, you can create a mixed playlist, but it can hardly be called harmonious.

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Creating your own music list is very easy. For example, in Spotifai, the process looks like this:

• click on My Media Library icon;

• in the «Music» section we select «Playlists»;

• сlick Create Playlist

• enter its name and choose «CREATE»

Of course, each service has its own way of creating playlists, but in general the algorithm for creating them is very similar, it can even be called universal.

You can use automatically generated playlists. This will spare you the need to search and select appropriate musical compositions for your tastes. But in this case, not all songs will be able to fully satisfy your wishes. But if there is a lack of time or no desire to independently search, this option may become quite acceptable. Well, to create your own amazing playlist, you still have to work hard.

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