My music playlist

The playlist in a broad sense is the selection of music created by the user. He can be placed on the channel or to send to the friend. It is also possible to allow other authors to add content in the playlists.

Owners of many services of stream transfer of music assure that formation of the playlist is the process constructed on instincts and he can’t be described completely. Some algorithms aren’t enough, it is also necessary to ask constantly a question whether will force a track which was picked up, for example, for trainings, to overcome pain and fatigue. Therefore experts, the creating playlists, become more and more popular. Here it is impossible to use exclusively technical knowledge and skills, it is necessary to have still and thin understanding of psychology and to possess an intuition.

Need for services which are formed by playlists arose just when people got access practically to all music in the world. In 2014 some service owners called team of service by group of very rare and valuable experts who can’t almost be found.

Of course, in any streamingovy service like Spotify or Google Play Music, it is possible to find such selections as «Music for run» and also tracks of any genre for any mood and activity. Such lists are created with two purposes: to help users with navigation on categories and «to dilute» popular musical tracks with compositions from less famous, but good performers.

Мy music playlist

The algorithm of collecting music in the playlist isn’t so simple as it can seem at first sight. More precisely, this algorithm wasn’t thought up yet therefore with playlists hire veterans of the musical industry and musical geeks. In the large companies the number of such employees can reach one hundred — they are responsible for assembly, a name of the playlist and his updating.

Each of playlists consists of peculiar «frame». It is based on preferences of target audience and usually represents several examples of musical tracks (for example, in Spotify usually select 50 songs).

«The basis» of the playlist passes test and is exposed to adjustment on the basis of the feedback received from audience. If the playlist works inefficiently, his curator can change a cover or trade places some songs and also remove from him the least popular compositions.

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For assessment of efficiency of any given playlist special metrics which are called Song Score working by the same principle, as PUMA can be used — estimate the number of listenings, admissions and the quantity of estimates is pleasant or it isn’t pleasant.

Of course, in music everything is subjective. The one who stands, for example, behind a selection of 25 best rock songs can «not get» to mood, taste or preferences of some listeners.

But nevertheless, on the example of the majority large streaming services, it is possible to draw a conclusion that playlists create people who very well understand genres, the directions and features of music, not bad handle metrics and understand target audience.

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