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In recent years, streaming music services have grown to a huge audience of music lovers and audiophiles around the world. Such dynamics can be explained by the significant advantages of this format of listening to music over others.

All popular streaming services can be installed on any modern smartphone. Difficulties can arise with Apple Music on phones with Android OS. Therefore, this application is better used in the Apple ecosystem.

Speaking of YouTube Music, it is better to start by listing its advantages. And the first in this list will be availability. The cost of a paid subscription is minimal. Having designed it, you become available the background mode of playing music and you say goodbye to all advertising. You will also have the ability to download music. There is also a student and family subscription, which makes the service very profitable.

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The second advantage is ease of use. All of the music you like on the YouTube will be automatically moved to a separate playlist, excluding other videos you like. There are also wonderful selections in which you will definitely discover a dozen new performers. In general, there is a lot of music on the platform – more than 60 million tracks.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the flaws. Sound quality YouTube Music average. It will be suitable for a smartphone, and it will not be enough on the player, not to mention good acoustics or Hi-Fi headphones. Characteristically, different compositions, even within the same playlist, can have radically different sound quality. Agree that this is somewhat uncomfortable.

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The second disadvantage stems from the advantage. Where there are good selections of tracks, there are such ones that in a minute I don’t want to remember. The situation is similar to the trends of YouTube. What gets there and by what principle is sometimes very difficult to understand. But you can not fixate on this and listen to your favorite musical selections.

The undeniable pros of the service will be:

• huge media library;

• efficient algorithm of song search;

• remixes, covers;

• videos from YouTube;

• copyright playlists;

• сompatibility with all devices such as PCs, tablets and mobile devices;

• low cost and availability.

The disadvantages include the quality of sound, which often wants the best and the presence of unlicensed audio content in the media library.

In general, the service became a worthy successor to Google Play Music, which ceased to exist in early December 2020 by decision of the management of the corporation of the same name.

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