Napster music – the description of stream music service

Napster — the file exchange P2P network created by Sean Fanning (with the assistance of Sean Parker and Jordan Ritter). It worked fruitfully during the period from June, 1999 to July, 2001. Sean’s pseudonym became the name of service.

Those years only gained popularity of CD, and about musical services of stream transfer still nobody plainly knew. By the way, some consider Napster the ancestor of modern stream music.

Service allowed to exchange musical files. For this reason it during the short period of time became very popular. But representatives of the musical industry were sure that similar exchange of musical files by means of p2p-networks – ordinary theft and open violation of the law about copyright.

At the beginning of of this century the participants of the most known metal band in the world of Metallica were forced to behold on TV reports on how the former fans became enraged trample down their disks on streets of America. Background of these acts of hatred is as follows: in 2000 Lars Ulrich, the drummer and the business leader of Metallica, accidentally learned that all material which ever is written down by his collective freely and absolutely for free is distributed among users of Napster P2P-network, and he and his colleagues don’t receive cent for disks which listeners independently copy on home computers.

Without thinking twice, the businessman-drummer went to court, on the road having talked over at first the rapper of Dr.Dre, and then both the four of majors, and even influential association of sound recording of RIAA. As a result in 2001 brought to founders of Napster Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker charge of violation of the law about copyright. Napster was closed, and Lars Ulrich became history as the most greedy musician in the world.

Napster revived again 2008 when the popular service which already sank into history was acquired by the American company Rhapsody. From this point service began the new ascension on top of the world market of stream music.

The company kept in the new version the possibility of direct file exchange between users, however added a security system which will forbid file exchange, violating copyright.

Today the account of «descendants» of Napster goes on dozens. It is possible to call it safely a prototype of modern Deezer or Spotify and the first musical file hosting service.

Feature of service is really huge base of music, and already license. In service there is a possibility of downloading of musical compositions in a MP3 format and unlimited listening of stream music. Also effective tools of personal musical recommendations are provided. Once you note also interesting design, in the desktop version, and in mobile devices applications.

Napster can’t brag of several hundred millions of users as Spotify, or two hundred countries in which it officially works. In this service everything is much more modest. The account of users goes on several tens of millions, and the number of the countries in which service works legally, – on four dozen.

Napster is very popular in the United States of America where it also was given rise. It is worth to remember that the USA – the largest musical market of the world. The countries in which service works legally, much less, than where it isn’t open. Of course, it is possible to use it, but by means of registration of the account in another, legally open, the country.

Napster music – the description of stream music service

Napster enters ten the most popular musical stream services of the world, but to him, of course, today is far to leaders of this market. Service can be received on a paid subscription, the free version isn’t provided at all. The cost of a monthly fee is slightly less than 10 dollars. There is an opportunity to issue a family data plan in which there will be about six individual accounts and also to pay the whole year in the advance payment that will allow a considerable discount. The first month for the new subscriber will work a grace period of free use of a trial version of the application.

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The updated Napster is quite good according to modern standards and firmly takes the place in the top ten of leaders of the market even in the presence of fierce competition among services of stream transfer of music. The design of the application looks quite presentably and is practical, and the application interface is intuitive and very convenient in use. In him even people will be able to deal with the minimum set of computer skills.

The service offers the user about 50 million musical tracks which make his huge media library. The basis it is formed by English-speaking content.

Napster is the perfect digital music service offering downloading MP3 and unlimited stream transfer on demand. The quality of sounding of the broadcast musical content high, but falls short of quality of leaders of the modern market a little.

Developers took care of compatibility of the application with all types of gadgets and all operating systems.

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