New Advanced Spotify Features

Swedish music streaming service Spotify continues to delight and amaze its users. The service periodically creates and introduces new convenient features that will be very effective for many.

Specifically, Spotify is launching “Blend,” a feature that allows users to create playlists that combine two people’s listening habits. Initially, this feature was tested in some regions of the world and proved to be effective and user-friendly.

This is a feature that allows two users to combine their listening habits to create a personalized playlist. You can create a single playlist that reflects each other’s musical tastes and see your listening habits with new unique cover art, taste match scores, and data stories.

Blending is a new feature that allows two users to create one playlist that reflects each other’s musical tastes. In addition, a “taste matching score” is automatically displayed, which allows two users to check how similar their tastes are to each other, and a history of data related to each person based on each person’s propensity to listen to one or another music.

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It seems to be updated daily according to changes in user listening behavior, so be sure to have fun discovering new music and artists and connecting with fellow musicians.

Spotify has launched “Spotify Greenroom”, an audio service that allows creators and fans to connect in new ways. “Spotify Greenroom” is a live audio streaming service similar to Clubhouse that made headlines this year. It is compatible with iOS/Android and can be used with an existing Spotify account. In addition, a live audio recording function and a chat control function have been announced.

In addition to making “Spotify Greenroom” the best live audio platform for creators, the “Spotify Creator Fund” initiative to support creator monetization has also been launched. First, Spotify only accepts registrations for users residing in the US, and details will be revealed when the project goes live worldwide.

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