New Albums Fucked Up, Samia, Oozing Wound, Sam Smith 2023

On the new albums, they return to the old form – just songs about everything, written and recorded in just one day. It does not sound at all, which is surprising, there are a lot of well-thought-out hooks and melodies, but, which is a plus for us, it is devoid of this impenetrable wall of conceptuality.

Samia. A young singer and songwriter from New York sings about what excites young people from the first world countries who see a luxurious life in their social networks, but understand that it never shines for them, and also fall in love, trying to understand what surrounds them and generally know the world. Can’t handle a breakup (the scariest line from the scariest opening song is “I’ve never felt so unlovable, I hope you marry that hometown girl and I’ll fucking kill her and fucking lose my mind”) . In general, in general, they do not understand how to live. The main advantage of Samia is the ability to fill the entire musical space with her own voice and attract attention to every word, and she knows how to write words like no one else.

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Oozing Wound. “A band that hates you” is a great definition of the music of the noise rockers Oozing Wound. But not so that he directly hates at all, rather invites them to join in how they hate themselves. The song titles explain well what you have to deal with – Total Existence Failure sounds exactly like a total existential failure, we failed as humanity, here we are personally. Oozing Wound reminds us of all our favorite heavy bands at once, but not by the degree of copying, but simply by the emotional scale. Pretty disgusting music.

Sam Smith. Smith’s new album is not so much musical as confessional, the songs talk about hatred for oneself, one’s body and reflection in the mirror, and about the path to self-acceptance that the lyrical hero goes through. Smith says that when they started using the pronouns “they”, they faced an unprecedented hatred (someone even spat in the street), but they felt at home and as happy as possible. The album is about that.

Such confessions make you remember that we are all different, that self-love is damn important, and when you can’t love yourself, because society doesn’t accept you, the way you want to be, it’s terrible, and it shouldn’t be like that.

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