New Albums John Cale, The Murder Capital, Lapsley, Boygenius 2023

2023 continues to delight music lovers with new albums from their favorite artists. In particular, we will mention some of them that were recorded quite recently.

John Cale. The great old man sings to the accompaniment of himself, and all sorts of important electronic artists and just cool bands – from Laurel Halo and Actress to Animal Collective. The music is meditative, very rich in sound picture. Cale uses his voice as if it were a synthesizer that imitates wind instruments, and seems to make it clear that the words are not particularly important here, and we won’t hear songs, but already on the third song he sings a love song to himself, and then there is a dedication to Niko, the very , with whom he recorded “The Velvet Underground” albums.

The Murder Capital. British critics call this record the first big rock album of the year. Band from Ireland, verbose post-punk, sung in a husky voice. The Murder Capital are like a slightly slicker version of Fontaines D.C. for those to whom the “fountains” seem too bold and annoying. Not without great songs (especially A Thousand Lives), but it seemed secondary.

Lapsley. A singer who sounds like Maggie Rogers from the Alaska days is way better than Maggie Rogers herself. The sound is fantastic, behind this sound, woven mainly from reversed pianos and synths and meowing vocals, there are also good songs, diverse enough in subject matter and approach to writing them so that the album does not have time to get bored. As soon as it seems that Lapsley is tired of her manner of singing, she immediately changes it – she sings much lower, as if she ceases to be an unearthly nymph and squats down to talk with a friend.

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Вoygenius. The Supergroup We Don’t Deserve: Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus write and sing together and pose for the cover of Rolling Stone as Nirvana. This is not an album, the album will be at the end of March, but only the first three songs from it, and each one is great. In the song about 20 bucks, Julien talks about the situation when you really need to run away, but you don’t have enough 20 for gas, Phoebe in her track apologizes to the girl with whom she was in a polyamorous relationship, and Lucy sings about the importance of tried and true love, in which you always there are skeletons in the closet.

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