New DJ Khaled Sneakers

The mega-popular American rapper and successful producer DJ Khaled is open to his fans. The media is just rife with his interviews, and the internet is filled with tons of posts.

The holy of holies of Khaled, his home, is also often open to journalists. This is a huge luxury mansion worth $11 million. However, it is quite possible that now it costs more, but the producer himself bought it at this price.

Interestingly, among the many luxurious rooms, there is also a separate room for Khalid’s sneakers. So far, no popular artist can boast of such creativity. It’s hard to say how many pairs of sneakers are in this room. Perhaps the owner himself does not know this. But the choice of popular world brands in this case is simply huge.

Father, motivator, blogger, hit maker and sneaker enthusiast. All these roles are good for DJ Khaled, but we are most interested in the sneaker part. He still continues to actively collaborate with Jordan Brand, which constantly customizes the latest releases for him, invites him to private collection shows, and also brings rare pairs to his store. In general, this cooperation has ceased to be just a commercially profitable relationship, now it is a real symbiosis.

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Such great loyalty and respect for the brand on the part of DJ Khaled could not be overlooked by the managers and creatives of Jordan Brand and offered to create a new exclusive model of his favorite number three. Of course, such an offer is not refused, so now we can already consider detailed photos of this collaboration. The new model is made of red leather with small black and white accents. On the heel is the signature DJ slogan: “We The Best”.

We don’t know exactly what release this is yet. A full-fledged collab for stores? One single pair only for him or maybe just some exclusive for the store? We will get answers to these questions very soon.

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