New Model Army’s Justin Sullivan’s new album “Surrounded”

New Model Army’s very own Justin Sullivan is stepping out for just a jiffy to introduce his new album, called “Surrounded”, on his own lonesome. You’ll find the songs that reflect the not-so-outstanding spirit of 2020 in this atmospheric album, but for the most part, just like with many albums released in the era of forced solitude, the album is the product of contemplations about human nature: 

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One of the most anticipated tracks of this year, Amundsen is set to make waves on May 28th, along with other notable singles like Sea Again, Dirge, Stone, and Heather, and an ample volume of others. Will this period make humankind become more retrospective, interesting, and deep? Certainly hoping so! Meanwhile, you shouldn’t miss the man’s new album that is coming out very, very soon (May the 4th be with you). 

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