New Spotify Option In 2023

Spotify lets you select playlists that won’t affect your recommendations. This is a new option for the world’s most popular music streaming service, originally from Sweden.

A new option helps to separate musical styles from user recommendations, news comes for all platforms, from mobile phones to computers.

It’s always annoying when an artist shows up in Spotify’s recommendations that doesn’t suit your style at all. With that in mind, the platform has released a new feature called “Remove from your profile music tastes” that allows users to remove playlists from recommendations. In this way, the customization will be even more complete, preventing, for example, unwanted tracks from being mixed into your gym playlist.

The new focus is on getting the right tracks to scroll in the right theme for the user. Nobody (or maybe a few people) wants a heavy metal song to pop up out of nowhere on their bedtime recommendations.

So Spotify was looking for an alternative. To do this, it will be possible to remove any playlist from your “Music Taste Profile”, which is based on what the person listens to and how they listen to it. This is the way the platform uses to customize the experience.

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The company stressed the importance of this feature, especially if the user has children. This is because it will still be allowed to keep a selection of children’s writings, but it “will not feature prominently on personalized lists.” This means that the algorithm won’t think that you like listening to Cannibal Corpse as well as Kidz Pop Kids.

According to Spotify, the option has already rolled out for iOS, Android, desktop, and the web. The novelty in terms of personalization is another step the music platform is taking to secure its vast fan base. It is worth noting that at the end of January 2023, Spotify surpassed all expectations and reached the milestone of 205 million subscribers worldwide.

The streaming service increased its base of people who pay to use it by 14%, in addition to a 20% increase in active users, paying or not. By adding even more audiobooks to its library, the brand is looking to find another audience to add to its group. Podcasts are already hugely popular on the service, as is music.

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