New Telugu songs

Today, at least 80 million people around the world speak one of the Dravidian languages ​– Telugu. This language is official in several Indian states, as well as in several countries of Southeast Asia, Africa and Oceania. Of course, there are Telugu songs that have become popular around the world. But most of all they are pleased, of course, those for whom the Telugu language is native. And speakers of this language today live on almost all continents.

On music streaming services, which are considered world leaders in the streaming market, you can find playlists and collections of songs in Telugu. As a rule, these songs are of Indian origin.

Especially many songs in this relatively rare language can be found in the popular music streaming application Apple Music. The leader of the streams today is considered the composition «Neelambari» by Indian artist Rahul Nambiar.

Rhythmic and spiritual music will not leave indifferent even those listeners who do not speak Telugu. Songs in this language combine folklore motifs and modern pop techniques.

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In general, Telugu songs are much like Indian songs familiar to everyone. They are an integral part of Indian culture and Indian pop.

Of course, Telugu playlists can be found on other music streaming services. To do this, it is enough to make a correct search query – enter several initial letters of the name of the composition, the name of the artist, or simply write in the search window «Telugu songs». And the system will instantly give you several results. These will be playlists of famous, mainly Indian, performers.

Of course, it is unlikely that someday a song in this language will top the world list of hits. But it is quite possible to satisfy the requests of users talking in this language, modern streaming music platforms will be able to quite.

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