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New version of the song «I'm Every Woman»

Chaka Khan and Idina Menzel joined forces to record a new song called «I’m Every Woman», which is timed to coincide with International Women’s Day 2021.

At one time, back in 1978, it was with this single that Chaka Khan made her stage debut. It was he who brought her great popularity and became the basic platform on which the successful musical career of the performer was built.

The music video was made very creatively and very quickly became popular. In it, two musicians appear in a new music video for a song in which portraits of women from all over the world are shot, they share notes on what it means to be a woman, what it is in their understanding and what I would like to correct in relation to a woman in different countries.

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CARE has launched a charity event dedicated to International Women’s Day. As part of the action, throughout the month of March, company representatives will hold virtual meetings and talks at which women will come together to discuss important aspects of life – from improving the public education system to reforming the health system and solving social issues.

The Women’s Campaign involves the purchase of charity packages and the donation of them to women and girls, who are described as problematic, from all over the world. The CARE initiative was actively supported by the fair sex.

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