New YouTube Music Feature Allows To Create Custom Radio Stations

In a recent announcement, YouTube Music has officially unveiled the redesign of its radio feature. The new functionality is gradually rolling out to users and is accessible on the platform’s main page.

Traditionally, upon opening a music stream and selecting a song, the service automatically generates a “radio” experience by playing similar tracks one after another.

New YouTube Music Feature

However, YouTube Music has opted to revamp this type of resource, distinguishing itself from other similar services like Spotify and Apple Music by offering users more freedom in customizing their radio stations according to their tastes.

Since the beginning of the month, the platform has been introducing the “create radio” option for its Android and iOS applications, accessible from the main page. Upon selecting this option, users are greeted with an updated interface, allowing them to create a station from scratch and keep it as part of their regular playlists.

  1. To customize the radio station to their liking, users must start by selecting up to 30 artists they want to include in their list, and then determine how frequently they’d like these artists to be played – rarely, medium, or often.
  2. Next, users must decide how they want the song variety to be broadcasted on their radio. They can choose between more familiar tracks, a blend of familiar and new compositions, or entirely new songs. Finally, they can adjust the platform’s filters, including “popular,” “focus,” “relaxing,” and “new releases.”
  3. Once these steps are completed, the user’s radio will be configured, and they can save it using the “Add to Library” button. Consequently, each activation will tailor the user’s experience, which will always be different but based on these settings.

If users ever grow tired of their settings and wish to change the filters, they can simply click on the “Customize” option and readjust the parameters as needed, saving the settings again.

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Key Points:

  1. YouTube Music introduces a redesigned radio feature, offering users greater control over their listening experience.
  2. Users can now create custom radio stations from scratch, selecting up to 30 favorite artists.
  3. The customization options allow users to control the frequency of artist playback and the variety of songs.
  4. YouTube Music provides filters such as “popular,” “focus,” “relaxing,” and “new releases” to further tailor the radio experience.
  5. Users can easily adjust their radio settings at any time, providing a dynamic and personalized listening experience.

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