Nick Cannon Scandal

Nick Cannon had an interesting controversy in the in mass media in recent years. His controversial remarks provoked a flurry of criticism among supporters of racial tolerance democracy.

However, Nick Cannon is worth about $100 million today in 2022, and that’s no laughing matter for the man of Nickelodeon fame. Some of that money, however, appears to have come from his divorce proceedings courtesy of Mariah Carey. However, fans are wondering if any of Nick’s scandals have affected his net worth. And the answer may surprise them a little.

Although his net worth in 2022 is reported to be around $100 million, different sources give different numbers. Some say Nick was only worth $40 million in 2021, while others suggest he was worth around $60 million more.

Nick does not come from a wealthy family. Whatever his admirers, not opponents, say, it’s not. The boy’s parents divorced, and he was actually raised by his paternal grandfather, whom the boy called, like his dad, father.

But the guy was very assertive and firmly decided to build a television career. By the way, he first appeared on the blue screen in his father’s show at only eight years old.

From being the father of seven children to the fact that most people would agree with “anti-Semitic comments” along with “black supremacy” statements, Nick has appeared in the media a lot for not very important reasons. But did this bad behavior affect his net worth?

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Paradoxically, but scandalous fame only added dividends to Nick Cannon. He began to appear very often on the covers of American glossy magazines, in news feeds and in discussions on television shows.

The fact is that Nick, to some extent, in his statements relied on a certain orthodox layer of his fans from among the black population of America. And public discussions on the topic of racial intolerance became much more heated, and the name of Nick himself sounded very often in them. Of course, this contributed to the growth of his popularity among the adherents of the relevant ideas and, conversely, to the condemnation of his opponents. But both of them continued to watch Nick Cannon’s TV show with even greater enthusiasm. Of course, such an increase in popularity could not but have a positive effect on his financial condition.

Ever since Viacom CBS, which fired Nick for his anti-Semitic remarks, forgave him, Nick still makes money as a TV show host and also hosts a radio show. And the somewhat disgraced star also has his own series called Nick Cannon.

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