Nicola Roberts Campaigns Against Depression with Read, Talk, Share Initiative

Nicola Roberts is a British singer and songwriter who found fame as a member of the girl group Girls Aloud. She now releases her own music, has acted in TV dramas and films, modeled for designers such as Louis Vuitton, and collaborated with other artists including Burberry, Levi’s, and Converse. 

Roberts has now taken on another role – this time not in front of the camera but rather behind it to campaign against depression through books. Also a member of the British girl group Girls Aloud and one of the judges on X Factor UK, she has taken up a campaign against depression with Read, Talk, Share. The initiative is about increasing awareness of mental health challenges. Nicola herself suffered from depression which she conveyed in her debut studio album “Cinderella’s Eyes”. This project aims to introduce people to how books can be therapeutic escapes for people who suffer from depression.

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The Read, Talk, Share initiative is a campaign to encourage people with depression and mental health challenges to read. The world-renowned singer-songwriter Nicola Roberts has announced her support for the initiative that aims at increasing awareness of depression and its consequences on one’s life as well as the role books play in combating it. 

Roberts was first diagnosed with clinical depression at a young age. It made her aware of issues in the way our society deals with mental health: 

“No, it didn’t make me stronger. It’s too bloody expensive. I’d rather sit there all night thinking until I couldn’t think anymore, then reward myself the next day with a pair of Louboutins”.

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